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You can also find any volunteering opportunities the lcfcdsa have to offer. And ways to help support the work we carry out on your behalf. We are always looking for members and the public to have their say and have  roles in helping with the services we provide and to help us in raising the awareness of the DSA

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COVID 19 update:

Leicester City have launched a new Supporter Code of Conduct to support COVID-19 safety, ahead of Saturday’s 2021/22 Premier League opener against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The safety of everyone attending fixtures at King Power Stadium is of the utmost importance to Leicester City Football Club and the new Supporter Code of Conduct has been introduced to help create as safe an environment as possible. The Supporter Code of Conduct is available here and supporters are asked to familiarise themselves with it before attending the stadium.

To minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to keep each other as safe as possible, the Club’s advice to its supporters is to take a lateral flow test at home before each fixture they plan to attend, as well as wearing face-coverings when in any indoor areas in the stadium.

For information on how to order a lateral flow test, click here.

If you are feeling unwell with COVID-19 symptoms or any cold or flu-type symptoms, please DO NOT come to the game. Book a test through the Government website or call 119.

Spot checks

New Premier League protocols mean there will be a phased introduction of checks for COVID-19 status certification on matchdays, whereby each supporter may be asked to show proof of a full vaccination and/or of a negative lateral flow test which has been taken within the last 48 hours.

No spot checks will be in place for Saturday’s fixture with Wolves. However, checks are likely to be introduced for subsequent matches at King Power Stadium. Adult supporters are encouraged to obtain a COVID Pass via the NHS App or NHS website so that they can provide proof of full vaccination and/or of a negative test within the past 48 hours, and supporters should be ready to show this when at the stadium. Details of how to obtain your NHS Pass is available here.

It is hoped that, by preparing now for a possible future scenario where COVID status certification is made a mandatory condition of entry to football matches, this will help to get everyone ‘match ready’ (and to keep each other safe).

In the interests of all supporters’ safety, the Club’s advice remains for all supporters to take a lateral flow test at home before they leave for the stadium, even if they are fully vaccinated, and only attend if receiving a negative result.


Do’s and Don’ts

Safety comes first, so supporters attending matchdays at King Power Stadium should:

- Obtain a COVID Pass and be ready to show they are fully vaccinated or have taken a negative lateral flow test in the last 48 hours
- Bring a face covering to wear while in any indoor areas in the stadium
- Arrive early and only sit in your designated seat
- Wash and sanitise your hands regularly
- Be respectful of others

Supporters should continue to follow the latest Government guidance and must not:

- Attend any match if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19 or are otherwise required to self-isolate
- Gather outside stadiums in a way that breaches steward instructions
- Engage in any conduct that is intended to or likely to transmit the COVID-19 virus

Membership Renewals 2020

Our membership renewal is now due, With the unfortunate times at present the committee is working hard to achieve this process is done as soon as possible and ask that you please bear with us.

Dates for your diary's

Save The Date.

On Wednesday 23rd November 2022 from 6pm there is an event being held at LCFC , LIVING WITH ONSET YOUNG DEMENTIA the audience will mainly be people living in the community with dementia under that age of 65.


Stall holders include:

Admiral Nurse
Age Uk
Carer support
Leicester FC
Leicester Tigers
Leicestershire County Council
Musical memory Box
Singing for the brain
The People's Buddhi
UHL engagement
Other services that expressed interest in event
Active Leicestershire
Care Choices
Holmfield Day Service
JandS Day Service
Leicester City Council
Shuttleworth Clarke


AGM 2020

Click here to be taken to our AGM PAge.

Here you will find the latest update regarding this years Annual General Meeting

Charity Partnerships.

Here is a letter from our Charity Partnerships thanking us for our Donation Vista  

LCFC Tickets.

The Disability Support Association will back the Club on any action taken against any supporter who misuse their tickets for home and away matches. The Personal Assistant ticket is for the use of people who are supporting the person with a disability, these tickets must never be sold under any circumstances.

Should the supporter with a disability is unable to attend any match, the PA ticket can be upgraded through the ticket office (home matches only) and this can only be done by the person registered with the Club as a supporter with a disability.

Social Media Competition.

There is currently no Social media Competitions for members to enter, However as we enter the new football season there will be fun games for members to get involved in on our Facebook page

DSA Membership Cards for 2017/2018

All members would of had the New Application form sent to them via post.
We have made some changes to the membership of the DSA.
The DSA have joined forces with the Access CredAbility scheme. From January 2018 we will now be offering a 3 Year membership as well as an access card by CredAbility.    Due to these changes the DSA require all members to send proof and a new passport sized picture for the new look membership cards.

LCFC Season Tickets.

The DSA no longer have any involvement with the purchase of season tickets. All enquiries now need to be made via Leicester City Football Club.

DSA New Scarves & Blankets

If you follow us on social media you would have seen that the DSA now has new scarves for our members along with New lightweight waterproof reversible blankets.
The scarf has been designed to help LCFC stewards to identify supporters who may need extra help when attending home games.
Blankets and scarves can be collected from our Chairman Sandra on match days.
Sandra will be at turnstile 13 (which is located on the south side of the stadium) every home game from 2 hours before kick-off until 30 minutes prior to kick-off. We kindly ask all member's if possible to collect their blankets and scarves however if this is not possible you can send your companion to collect on your behalf.

Website gallery

As most members are aware Sarah-Jane AKA Sas or Princess joined the committee in 2017 and is now our website and social media Officer and has been asking for members to send in their pictures from match days to publish on our website.
We would like to dedicate part of our gallery to past members of the DSA and share their fond members with those who belong to the DSA

As we now have a new look website we are asking members to send sarah-Jane their pictures please could you email these to sarah-Jane direct


DSA New GDPR Data protection Law Changes.

Members are reminded that due to the new GDPR data protection laws we are required to have all members consent to hold personal information for them. We Kindly would like to remind Members this needs to be completed. If you have not signed your Forms and returned them yet, please don't worry you still have time.
Giving the DSA consent to contact you via email means you will be one of the first to know important news and dates. The consent you give us regarding social media platforms will give the DSA permission to use your pictures when possible and give shout outs on Facebook or Twitter on your birthday. We will only share part of your D.O.B we will not use the year you was born.
We will Accept consent via email using the following template: (Please delete where needed)
I (Insert Name Here) consent to my personal information being held by the LCFCDSA.
And give them permission to contact me via email/phone/mail.
I do / I Do not  also give consent for LCFCDSA to use some on my personal data on social media platforms.


LCFC Sensory Hour & Autism Awareness

Leicester City Football Club have taken  steps to become a more autism-friendly organisation, Leicester City have introduce a Sensory Hour in the Foxes Fanstore at King Power Stadium on the first Friday of every month.

From Friday 2nd August LCFC have allocated that on the first Friday of Every Month  people living with autism, their families and carers can shop and look around the Foxes Fanstore with out the bright lights and overwhelming noise which can be the common barriers people living with autism face when accessing shops and facilities.

As part of the hour, which will take place from 10am-11am, the Foxes Fanstore will have music lowered and all other background noises aswell as dimming lights where it is safe to do so to create a shopping environment that is more comfortable for people living with autism, their families and carers.

In addition, Leicester City staff have taken part in autism awareness training with Autism East Midlands to be able to give every customer a positive experience.


Leicester City Football Club has also introduced Autism packs to enhanced match day experience for more information please follow the link below:



Please continue to visiting this page for updates, dates for your calendar, news and volunteering opportunities within Leicester City Football Club's Disability Support Association